Green initiatives and updated e-mailing protocol
18 May 2020

We would like to inform you of a step taken by us to go paperless as part of our green initiative, where we need your cooperation. To achieve this, we have completely automated our Document Management System (DMS).  To ensure that this change does not in any way disrupt our usual communication and docketing mechanism, we request you to adhere to the following communication guidelines:  

•    Always include [email protected] in cc in addition to our regular email addresses while sending any email communication to us. 
•    Always include our reference number in subject line in below formats
•    Do not put multiple case references in a single email. Please send us separate emails for instructions pertaining to each matter and do not club them in a single email. This will ensure proper sorting and capturing of instructions for individual cases. However, wherever it is not feasible to send separate emails when the instructions are related to a large number of matters, we will internally sort and docket them in respect of each matter.

In case of new filing instructions/projects, please send it to our usual email addresses and we will promptly send you our reference number upon creating the file record. Thereafter, kindly follow the above protocol for all matters.