Update from India Use only digital modes for communicating with us
23 Mar 2020

We would like to update that there is a 100% lockdown of all our offices by the respective local administrations in an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19. Our support teams managing the Document Management Systems will not, therefore, be able to scan and upload documents received by courier or post.   Since digital copies of documents are indispensable to enable colleagues to work remotely, we request you not to send any document by courier or post to us. Instead, please email these to us. Meanwhile, regarding documents that are already in transit, these would be safely received by the respective administrators of the office buildings where we are housed.  We will collect the same when the lockdown is relaxed.  As such, we request the following: 

  1. The Indian IP Office accepts all documents electronically and no original documents are necessary except where a specific request is raised by any officer.  As such all documents that you have already transmitted by courier or post may be retransmitted digitally by email to us, if you have such digital copies.
  2. If you do not have digital copies of documents already transmitted, please let us know immediately and we will let you know how best we can address this. Please be advised that there is no official notification yet by our IP office on how to address this issue.