Business readiness for COVID-19
05 Mar 2020

We are closely monitoring the developing coronavirus situation in India. We are also continuously watching the advisories issued by the Indian Government and also the international health agencies. We wish to communicate that our operational readiness to continue providing uninterrupted services to you even in the event of a potential outbreak.


Business Continuity Plan We have a business continuity plan in place to handle any emergencies such as the current emerging situation. We have documented processes in place to cope with such emergencies to ensure smooth business continuity.
Remote Working Capacity

K&S Partners is spread over six locations in India with a total strength of over 260. We have a state-of-the-art, highly secure IT infrastructure. We use Microsoft O-365 platform which allows all our people to remotely access all documents securely. This facility is already being used by several colleagues who are taking the advantage of flexi/remote working in the Firm. All our professional colleagues are fully equipped to work remotely.

We are filing all official documents electronically and our docketing and e-filing teams have full remote access to file any urgent documentation/application even after regular office hours.

We are also in the process of making the necessary arrangements to equip all our support employees with the remote working facility in order to address any long-term emergency situation.

Internal Precautions

In addition to the above, we are taking the following precautions to minimize exposure of our people to the coronavirus impact:

  1. Avoid any non-essential domestic/international travel. No travel to any of the countries identified as high-risk countries.
  2. Avoid receiving guests in office premises unless very essential.
  3. Information dissemination on regular basis to our people regarding sanitary/hygiene precautions against the virus.
  4. Asking people to stay home in case they have any flu-like symptoms until fully recovered.
  5. Avoiding participation in any non-essential events.
  6. Taking most IP office hearings through video conferencing.

We are confident that we will continue to provide uninterrupted services to you as usual even if there is any emergency situation. Our email communication will continue to function undisrupted.