The need to assess value of patents and designs could arise in diverse business situations. Whether it is for obtaining venture capital investment or ensuring statutory compliance or determining damage claims in infringement suits, or simply to decide on future R&D investments, the key is to best estimate the value of the economic benefits that a patent or a design can generate, to assist in apt decision-making.

The patent and design valuation team at K&S Partners can help you understand the value in your patents and designs, across jurisdictions, in diverse technology areas and situations. Our team of Certified Patent Valuation Analysts (CPVA), Experienced Lawyers, technical specialists across industry sectors provide deep techno-legal insights, while collaborating with reputable financial experts for market and financial aspects to provide a comprehensive and insightful valuation report as per your business needs.

We use established methodologies like Cost, Market, Income methods and combination of two or more and have access to all major and relevant databases required for valuation. The make-up of valuation team for any project is based on technology in question. We have handled several patent valuation projects in diverse subject areas such as life sciences, petrochemicals, biotechnology, software, automotive industry, etc.